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Choosing A Veterinarian

Once you pick your fur ball its best to pick a local Veterinarian that you like. Its a great idea to make an appointment in advance for when your puppy arrives home. They will need further vaccinations and check-ups. 

Choosing  Dog Food 


Picking a good and healthy dog food is essential. Your puppy will come home with a small bag of the food they were raised on. It is important to make sure you slowly transition by adding more and more of the brand you choose over time. It takes time for their bellies to adjust to new foods. They could have soft stool with the change. 


Choosing Different forms of exercise is what your soon-to-be-pup needs. Dogs need at least 30 minutes a day of exercise to be healthy and happy.  Having plenty of exercise helps them to be more obedient. Walks, Fetch, Swimming, Running, and hiking are great options.

Toys And Treats

It is important to provide your puppy with a variety of chew toys. When puppies begin teething they want to chew everything!  Exchange the item you don't want them to chew with their toy will help them learn. Provide healthy treats in moderation.



Labradoodles need  grooming at least once every 6-12 weeks to prevent mattes and tangles. You should also brush your Labradoodles often.

Crate and Beds

A crate becomes security and comfort. When sleeping in a crate at night, the puppy learns to control their bladder as few puppies wish to soil their bed. If you are not going to use a crate a location they like and a dog bed works well.


It is important to train your puppy early with positive reinforcement. Sit, Stay, Lay down, ect. Use the same cue for the same command every time. Use praise and rewards. 

Brain Games

Labradoodles are intelligent and need to be challenged.  These brain games do just that.  They love finding the treats inside and you will enjoys watching.

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