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Gunner & Alani

 Meet Gunner and Alani. Gunner is a F1  Standard Labradoodle, Alani is a F1bb  Standard Labradoodle, both are genetically tested. Gunner weighs about 65 lbs and is such a sweet and kind dog. He loves and snuggles our cat and cares for all other animals he comes in contact with.  He LOVES playing with the babies!  He is an amazing swimmer and gets everyone's attention at the dog parks, while swimming full body under water to find treasures! Alani weighs 46 lbs. She is so fun and sweet. She likes everyone she meets and loves hugging with her head. "Head Hugs"  Both are extremely obedient and tender. If you are looking for a great temperament, a mix of these two would be ideal.



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